King Lear Disorder Quotes

Quotations from King Lear regarding the theme of disorder, focused on Act 1


King Lear's Quotes Act 1

King Lear:

"we shall express our darker purpose" to the Court

"stranger to my heart" and "thou my sometime daughter" to Cordelia following her "nothing"

"This shall not be revoked" to the Court

"her price is fallen" to the suitors

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Other Quotes Act 1


"hideous rashness" to Lear


"poor judgement" about Lear, to Regan

"His knights grow riotous" to Oswald


"wise men are grown foppish" to Lear

"thou mad'st thy daughters thy mothers"

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it would help if you could maybe specifically say where it is in e.g. act 1 scene 3

also if you could maybe give some ideas about what the quote is saying.. as that will he helpfully but thanks for sharing this :)

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