Late Anglo-saxon England intoduction

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Viking invasions

  • England was rich, paid invaders (10k then 36k coins) and weak.
  • Alfred the Great fought off the Vikings and reformed English burhs.
  • Invasions continued under Etheldred the Unready, who introduced the danegeld to pay them off. 1013, Sweyn of Denmark invaded and conquered England.
  • Edward grew up in exile in Normandy- he had 6 older brothers.
  • Ethelred was invited to rule when Swein died.
  • Cnut invaded and killed Ed's brothers- Ed went back to Normandy.
  • Queen Emma married Cnut (Ethelred's widow).
  • After Dukes Richard II and III died, Duke Robert of Normandy arranged a fleet for his cousins. 
  • Ed was held up by the wind from invading England.
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Cnut's succession

  • Introduced housecarls and gave Godwine Essex.
  • Cnut died, leaving two main sons- Harold from Elfigu and Harthacnut from Emma.
  • Harold was more popular in the Witan (minted coins show support).
  • Emma seized Wincester's treasury with the coronation items.
  • Emma made Ed try to invade- he raided Southhampton then left.
  • 1036, Alfred visited Godwine and was blinded in Ely- this was Harold or Godwine's doing.
  • Emma was exiled, and wrote to Harthacnut in Denmark.
  • Harold died and Harthacnut became king. 
  • Harthacnut raised huge taxes and pillaged Worcester when they couldn't pay. 
  • Edward was invited to rule with him, then Harthacnut died. 
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William background

  • Robert of Normandy went to the Holy land and named William heir.
  • Herleva, his mother, was from a family of undertakers.
  • Henry I anointed him. Most of his advisors and regents were murdred. 
  • 1046, his cousin Guy rebelled at Val-es-Dunes, and William and Henry fought him off. 
  • He also defeated Geoffrey Martel, who invaded Alencon. 
  • 1054, Geoffrey and Henry invaded Normandy, but William shadowed him and stopped him raiding villages for food, leaving them vulnerable to defeat.
  • 1060, Geoffrey and Henry died.
  • Harold visited normandy to swear an oath or rescue hostages.
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Edward's rule

  • Little contested, since he was crowned after 10 months.
  • Threatened by Magnus of Norway, Emma (exiled) and Cnut's niece Gunhilde.
  • Godwine, a well established leader gave Edward a ship and his daughter Edith.
  • Celibacy, bad luck or infertility led to no hier being produced.
  • Godwine was exiled then returned. (Lands confiscated and Edith in a convent)
  • He then invaded, harrying the Isle of Wight and Sandwich, unitl Ed conceded.
  • Built Westminster abbey, pious, very elaborate construct if made up.
  • Edward the exile's son was named aethling or heir.
  • Ongoing viking invasions and Welsh wars
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