Care Quality Commission (CQC)

-Care Quality Commission

-The CQC is responsible for monitoring and inspecting health services and adult social care services in England. It ensures H/S care services are of high quality and that they are delivered safely, effectively and compassionately 

-CQC monitors and inspects;

-NHS Trust hospitals and independant hospitals           -Domiciliary or home services 

-GP provision                                                             -Residential care homes and nursing homes 

-Clinics                                                                      -Community care provision 

-Dentists                                                                 -Mental health provision

-Accomodation for people requiring treatment 

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National Institute for Health & Care Excellence

-NICE is responsible for providing guidance and current best practice. It publishes guidance and advice that aims to control and improve provision 

-NICE provides;

-Guidance on the most appropriate treatments for people with specific conditions and diseases

-Evaluation of whether procedures are sufficiently safe and effective to be used within the H/C services 

-Guidance about the use of specific health technologies and procedures 

-Assessment of the cost and effectiveness of treatments

-Recommendations about best practice

-Support for health promotion campaigns and healthy living advice 

-NICE recommendations are for the use of NHS practitioners, LA's & charities

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Public Health England

-PHE aims to protect and improve the public health and wellbeing of people in England and reduce health inequalities. The focus of all public health organisations is on the protection and imrpovement of the health of a community or population, in contrast to the individual support of a service users 

-Some measures that PHE uses to carry out its responsibilities are through;

-Setting up health promotion programmes to improve the nationals

-Research projects to improve our knowledge of public health issues and generate strategies to address problems 

-Taking measures to protect the nations health when there is a public health concern 

-Examples of campaigns supported by PHE include in 2013, helpful advice for people who may be affected by flooding or 2015 PHE launched their largest flu vaccination programmes "Stay well this winter"

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-The office for standards in education, childrens services and skills regulates and inspects services that educate children, young people and adults or care for children through the inspection of;

-State funded schools and colleges 

-Adult education providers 

-Initial teacher education 

-Many private agencies who provide training in the workplace 

-Education provision in prisons and the armed forces 

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-Ofsted also regulates and inspects care provision for children and young people, for example by inspecting;

-Nurseries, pre school and child minders

-Fostering and adoption agencies 

-Settings providing residential care for children 

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-Inspectors make judgement about the overall effectiveness of the provider based on their judgements relating to the;

-Effectiveness of leadership and management 

-Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 

-Personal development, behaviour and welfare

-Outcomes for children and learners 

-Following inspection, Ofsted publishes a report and the provision is graded;

1 = Outstanding                            2 = Good 

3 = Requires improvement           4 = Inadequate 

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The Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales

-In Wales, H/S care services are inspected separately. The Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) is responsible for monitoring the quality of care and social service provision 

-The CSSIW is responsible for the regulation and inspection of care provision which include:

-Residential care homes and nursing homes for adults 

-Domiciliary or home care provision 

-Nurse agencies 

-Childrens home & Child minders

-Fostering and adoption 

-Boarding schools 

-Further education colleges for under 18's

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The Care & Social Services Inspectorate

-The CSSIW aims to:

-Provide independant assurance about the quality and avilability of social care 

-Safeguard adults and children 

-Improve care, by encouraging and promoting improvements in the safety, quality and availability of social care services 

-Provide independant professional advice 

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Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

-The HIW inspects all health care provision provided by the NHS and by other independant organisations. Its responsibilities include:

-Hospitals and clinics 

-Mental health and substance misuse services 

-Nursing agencies and midwifery provision 

-Young offending teams 

-Death in prisons and homicide investigations 

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Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

-HIW aims to:

-Contribute to improving the safety and quality of healthcare services in Wales

-Improve citizens experience of healthcare in Wales 

-Strengthen the voice of patients and the public in the way health services are reviewed 

-Ensure that timely, useful, accessible and relevant information about safety and qualityy of healthcare in Wales in made available to all

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NICE: was discussed in relation to its responsibilities in England however it has jurisdiction in both England and Wales 

Her Majesty's Inspector of Education & Training in Wales (ESTYN)

-ESTYN is the organisatio responsible for inspection of education and training in Wales. Unlike Ofsted, their work is specifically linked to education and training. The inspection of childrens social services in largely the responsibility of CSSIW

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-ESTYN responsibilities include the inspection of:

- schools

- further education colleges 

- work based learning providers 

- adult and community learning provision 

- initial teacher education and training 

- education in the justice sector, including prisons and young offenders institutions

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- Estyn makes judgement about the quality of provision by addressing three questions:

1- How good are the outcomes

2- How good is the provision

3- How good is the leadership and management

1 = excellent 

2 = good 

3 = average 

4 = unsatisfactory 

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The Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority

- Responsible for the regulation of both care and health services. It inspects services provided by both statutory and independant organisations including:

-Children's homes

-Day care settings for older people, people with disabilties, learning difficulties and mental health issues 

-Boarding schools 

-Domiciliary care services

-Residential family centres 

-Nursing agencies 

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PHA Northern Ireland

Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland (PHA Northern Ireland)

-Overall responsibilties is to improve the health and social wellbeing of all people living in NI. The PHA manages this by:

-Developing effective health protection strategies 

-Developing policy to improve the health and wellbeing of the population 

-Conducting research and development activities to identify the causes of poor health 

-Recommending strategies to improve the health of the nation

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- Dont have direct responsibility for the control and improvement of health and care services in NI

- Have a direct link with the NI Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety (DHSSPSNI). This department review NICE recommendations

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Education & Training Inspectorate

Education & Training Inspectorate (ETI)

- Responsible for the inspection and improvement of educational services in NI, which includes educational services provided in:

-early years, largely pre school 

-primary and secondary schools

-further education colleges

-youth work

-initial teacher education

-prisons and young offenders institutions in Northern Ireland

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Education & Training Inspectorate

ETI use the following descriptors to report on the quality of provision:

-achievements and standards

-provision for learning

-leadership and management 

1 = outstanding, 2 = very good, 3 = good, 4 = satisfactory, 5 = inadequate, 6 = unsatisfactory 

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CQC- Care Quality Commission

NICE- National Institute for Health & Care Excellency

PHE- Public Health England

OFSTED- The Office for Standards in Education, Childrens Services & Skills

 CSSIW- The Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales

HIW- Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

ESTYN- Her Majesty's Inspector of Education & Training in Wales

RQIA- The Regulation & Quality Improvement Authority

PHA NI- Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland

ETI- Education & Training Inspectorate

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