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Leisure time use

People have different reasons why different factors influence their choice during leisure time:-age- Adults can go places by them selves where as young children cant, Also parents may not be able to do as much because they have children to look after. A sixteen year old and a seventy four year old will do similar activities but that are completely different. e.g. 16yr old goes to the cinema, 74yr old goes to a museum.

-culture- Traditions, tastes, opinions and behaviour. Young people are influenced by others, 'youth culture'. This influences their taste in music etc. Eating fish and chips is part of the british culture.

-type of household- if people prefer to spend time with their family and children they may not be able to do the things they want to do but do group things as all on family. This ensures they still have leisure time but doing other things with the people they love.

-social group- The social group you are involved in influences the things you do.

-Gender- Age effects things as certain activities and events are just for men or women. The race for life is just for women to participate, but the gym is seen more of a place where men go to.

-Special needs- Special needs like being dissaled effects people and stops them from doing certain activities. Someone in a wheelchair cant go swimming. Also a person with a hearing disability may struggle to hear at the cinema.

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