Leisure and tourism- Unit 3

Unit 3 of leisure and tourism- gcse.

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Why do organisations offer a variety of products a

Organisations offer a variety of products and services to meet a wide variety of customers needs to get a larger profit. The organisation wants to widen their target market (who the organisation aims their products and services at).

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Give examples of promotional methods by an organis

Here are some examples:

-Banners to attract passing customers.

-Vouchers/offers to attract more customer because they are saving money.

-Websites to attract customers who prefer to use the internet than leaflets. People usually prefer this because they can book online etc.

-Leaflets can be affective for customers who need the closing times or want to know what the organisation are offering. People who don't have access to the internet would use leaflets.

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Define market segment.

-Divisons of the market put into groups e.g families, schools, groups etc.

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What are the different levals of seniority in the




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What is the difference between a personal quality

-A personal quality is something that comes naturally to you like being enthusiastic.

-A skill is something you learn to do like learning to use a software on a computer.

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Name some duties that a hotel receptionist would n

-Operational leval.

-A hotel receptionist would need to:

-Take bookings and reservations over the phone/ face to face.  

-Answering calles whilst multi-tasking.

-Organising wake up calls and organising room service and transport

-Greeting customers

-Taking payments etc.

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List personal qualities and skills needed for a ho

-To be polite because customers don't like rude staff

-To be organised e.g. if someone wants a wake up call at 7 o'clock because their flight is at 10, you have to be organised and make sure they wake up.

-Clear voice because customers don't want to ask for the staff to repeat themselves.

-Punctual because you don't want to be late when customers need to talk to you.

-Need to be calm because you might deal with angry customers and you have to handle them without getting mad.


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