Macbeth and Frankenstein essay Plan


  • Introduce the term 'tragic hero' and the codes and conventions of what makes a tragic hero, what they have in common and the key features.
  • Where did the term originate from, which is from Classic greek tragedies which has the same formula: Noble birth, qualities of a hero, weaknesses, 'downfall - lose of power, status, mind and family', try to correct mistakes and gain insight, recognition of fault and often results in death.
  • Also explain how audiences/reader feel for the tragic heroes throughout the story, i would normally say that the readers and audiences sort of have mixed emotions on each character and that they are mostly feel angry or pity.
  • Introduce Macbeth and Frankenstein as two examples of tragic heroes, who they are, why they are tragic heroes, what happens to them etc.

Oh and explain why frankenstien decided not to score in the film. :3


Intro to your essay of Macbeth and Frankenstien

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