Manufacturing Systems



Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT)

- Describes the significant impact of computers on manufacturing

-Revolutionised the way that products are designed AND manufactured.

- At every stage, computer tecniology is used to ensure fast, efficient, high quality production

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Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)

-developed to make companies more efficient, hence profitable.
-requiresmanufacturer to move from traditional batch production to "flow" production
- Turn a company into one that responds actual cutsomers demand rather than planning for an expected demand that may or may not happen.

- Involved concepts such as JIT, FMS, and manufacturing cells.
- Increases overall flexibility and responsiveness of a company.
- Company will be more equiped to meet changing demands - this way, no excess products are manufactured, only those actually needed.
- Production would start as soon as order is initiated.

- Less money needed to run factory - fewer raw materials and finished goods are stocked
- Increase market share - quicker repsonse time attract new clients
- Increase turnover stock as production systems are triggered by demand.

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