Mass Tourism

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Mass Tourism

Mass tourism is when large numbers of tourists visit the same destination.

Case Study: Jamaica, Negril in the Caribbean is one example of a LEDC resort that receives large numbers of tourists.

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Advantages of Mass Tourism

  • Tourism brings jobs and employment for a range of people.
  • People who previously survived on subsistence agriculture..gain regular work with a more reliable wage.
  • Construction jobs; building new hotels ,roads and the appropriate infrastructure, often goes to local people.
  • New leisure facilities are developed that can be used by the locals as well as the tourists.
  • The multiplier effect will help to expand and develop the economy of the host country.
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Disadvantages of Mass Tourism

  • Jobs are often only seasonal especially in winter sport areas.
  • Local people may find themselves out of work in the off-season periods.
  • The tourist industry is dominated by large companies who sell package holidays. Local people benefit less because the companies employ their own workers.
  • Most of the the jobs in the tourst industry are low-paid, with unsociable hours and are often menial.
  • Profits made by the travel companies more often go back to the MEDC at the expense of the host country.
  • Tourists can be narrow-minded and often prefer familar food, so much food is imported rather than being locally produced.
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