mass tourism

What is mass tourism - its advantages and disadantages.

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what is mass tourism?

Mass Tourism - Large numbers of tourists coming to one area . 

Case study - Negril beach resort in Jamaica. A high amount of tourists go scuba diving in the seas this is killing coral by touching and accidental pollution and people taking coral as souvenirs.

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Mass tourism - Advantages

  • brings jobs and employment to a range of people
  • people gain regular work and a reliable wage 
  • construction jobs go to local people - buliding new : hotels, roads, infrastructure 
  • new leisure facilites for tourists and locals
  • The multiplier effect will help the economy of the host country 
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Mass Tourism -Disadvantages

  • tourist jobs are often seasonal so the local people are out of work in the off season 
  • Tourist industry dominated by large companies who employ their own workers not local people 
  • Most jobs are low pay with unsociable hours and are menial 
  • Profits made by the travel companys go back to the MEDC at the expense of the host country 
  • Tourists can be narrow minded and prefer familiar foods so are imported rather than locally provided 
  • New hotels are built to corporate design and ruin the local enironment or change the characteristics of the destination 
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