number and algebar


maths- algebra 1 u1

simplifying algebraic expression 

solving equations

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maths- algebra 2 u2

simplifying factions 

solving equations 

using formulae

positive integer indices


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maths- algebra 3 u3

simple factorising 

further simplifying of fractions

equations with fractions

simultaneous equations

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maths- algebra 4 u4

change of subject

using formulae

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maths- number1 u1

simpilfying fractions 

directed numbers and order of operations


standard form with positive indices

significant figures and decimal places

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maths- number2 u2

standard form with negative indices

four rules of fractions 


direct proportion

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maths- number3 u3

compound percentages

multiples, factors ans primes

highest common factor (hcf) and lowest common multiple (lcm)

calculator work

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maths- number4 u4

invers percentages 


upper and lower bounds


esimating using standard form

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