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Representation- halls theory

  • both women are waering pale, light wear dresses- this reinforces their femminitiy by excentuating thier breasts+bottom as well as revaling their bare chest
  • the woman on the left is postioned to be seen as very passive this is emphised through her being a victuim of the monster as she is held by the male vampire which reinforces his strength as he hold her by one arm effortlessly and she is shown to look light and delicate as she drappes lifeless
  • opposition is created as the other women is shown to be more dominant over the male and its a male victim
  • the images of the castle,bats,vampires cape and dripping blood. the audience is actively encouraged to decode this generic iconography.
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Representation- Gilroy post colonial theory

  •  there is a lack of ethnicity only shows white males and females
  • possibly showing white conial power
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bell hooks/ Van Zoonen - Kiss of the vampire


  • passive victim demonstrates the patriachal oppression is still very evident
  • only white women used
  • this is representing the typical beauty ideal of the western world

van zoonen

  • by assuming this 'co-antagonist' role the female vampire is showing change in representing women in non-traditional roles
  • but the passive femal oppses this 
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Representation- Gauntletts identity theory

  • mass media is a force for change, the tradtional view of gender dentity. it challanges our preceptions of male and female roles
  • the femal vamire acts as a role model for women (to identify with) struggling against male oppression
  • or wanting to be seen as equal to men
  • no ethinic diversion
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political and social content

  • 1960s is seen as the start of womens sexual liberation
  • the contraceptive pill
  • more women went to work
  • equal pay act 1963
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uses and gratifications- kiss of the vampire

  • entertainment- a film, somthing to watch/ to do
  • escapism- into the supernatural world, not real life
  • social interaction- partner or group, unique film
  • diverion- thrill you wuth horror aspect, not real life
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Media Language Analysis- kiss of the vampire

  • the capitalised serif font of the title creates connotations linked to the vampire film genre with its 'wooden' styling(vampire coffin or stake to kill them) and the blood dripping from the V like a fang
  • painted main image is a typical convention but the colour connotes that it is a modern telling of an older story (dracular)
  • the gloomy grey, black/brown colour pallette reinforces the films dark scary conventions
  • red highlights blood and danger
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