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Uses and Gratifications

The Uses and Gratifications are; 





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Reception Theory

The Reception Theory is encoading/decoding texts, Preferred/negotiated/oppositional readings. 

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Active/ Passive Audience

Having and active audinace means that they are likly to use social media to comment about the tv show or share somenthing about the show. 

A passive audiance is when they watch the show and that is that, no comment is made. 

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Effects Theory

Hypodermic Needle, moral panic. 

This is when the media 'injects' you with infomation that you are made to consiously belive. This then could cause some sort of problem depending on what type of story has been 'injected' in to you. 

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Selection, Organisation.

mediation is someone elses interpertation of the media text you are seeing. For example clebrity photos are deffenatly mediated as you only see and know (at the time) someone elses interpretation of it because they took the photo and they also wrote the artical in a less truthful way to draw in the attention of people, so that the artical wills sell.  

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Dominant Ideology and Hegemony

Dominant Ideology is basicaly socioty and what is normal and known as right. Such as you averadge ideal family, a married couple with two kids. Where as what is known as bad is a broken family pearents are divorced. 

Hedgemony menas sticking to the status quo, and linking things to the statu quo. Such as the middle class have more power and money over the working class, and that is how that is. 

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Male Glaze

Positioning of a woman ( sexualitty/objectification) 

The MAle Gaze theory is how the audiance view people presented in a media text,For example; for feminsts it could be 

how men look at women 

how women look ate themsleves 

how men look ate other women 

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Queer Theory

Fluid gender/sexual identites. Not fixed. 

Teh way that the media has limeted teh representation of men and women

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Influence of one text upon aonother 

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Cultural imperialism

Dominance of one culture over another 

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Technoloies meging. A single device perforing multipul functions 

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Codes and Conventions

Codes are systems of signs, which create meaning. Codes can be divided into two categories – technical and symbolic.

Conventions are the generally accepted ways of doing something. There are general conventions in any medium, such as the use of interviewee quotes in a print article, but conventions are also genre specific.

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Ideology that gets people to consume in larger amouns to improve their lives 

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Large organisations who own smaller, subsidiary companies 

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Mode of Address

How teh text speake to and addresses the audiance  

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