modernity and post-modernity in relation to sociological theory.


modern society

Modern society

  • in the pre-modern era ,many people's sense of self and purpose was often expressed via a faith
  • modernity emerged with the industrial revolution ,modern machines allowed for mass production.we moved from trusting in science.

postmodernity argues that we have moved from mass production to an age of knowlwdge production through computers and mass media.

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traditional farming societies with little knowledge,power and definitely no technology.

can be linked with the family -childhood, families types ,demography 

weber premodern societies ;the basic of legitimacy is charismatic or traditional authority .Image result for pre modernity sociology (

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reflects the time of indusrtilisation and people trying to explain the world through science.

sociology itself is a product of modernity and sociologists such as compte durkheim and max were trying to make sense of the world ,trying to prove scientifically cause and effect releationships .

the birth of capitalism was in modernity and countries started trading and colonising other countrie.

modernity is the basis of what we know as today's society.

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nation statee ,capitalism ,rationality science and

1 the nation state the key political unit in modern society .

2 capitalism the economy of modern societies is capitalist based on private ownerships of production  and the use of wage labouresr

3 rational science techonology rational secular scientific ways of thinking dominate and influence.

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