Mozart - Piano Sonata in Bb (K.333: Movement 1)

Revsion cards on the 'Piano Sonata in Bb (K.333: Movement 1)' - Mozart

The cards will explai

  • Background Information and performance circumstances
  • Instrumentation
  • Texture
  • Structure
  • Tonality
  • Harmony
  • Melody

Background Information and Performance Circumstanc

The piece was composed in 1793 at the time where he was reciving a great deal of recognition in Vienna. This peice was parly composed in order ti introduce Mozart's new wife to his father.

His sonata's were often aranged from his students. This would of been more likely to of been printed rather then a concerto or symphony. The sonata in Bb was in a set of 2 or 3 pieces. Two for solo piano, one for violin and one for piano.

K.333 refers to the position of chrolilogical order of Mozart's works made by the Austrian musologist. Kochel. At this time of his career, the composer wasnt keeping record of his work that he did after his return to Vienna. Hence, the chronilogical order is often in doubt.

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Mozart was renowned as a viruosic keyboard player from an early age as a child prodigy. Conducted his operas from his keyboard and was usually the solo piano player for his sonatas.

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