Multicultural Britain

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If you walk down a street in Britain, especially in the bigger cities you will usually see people with different hair, skin and eye colours. They may have white, brown or black skin and blonde, brown, black, or red hair, with blue, black, brown or green eyes. Many of the people you will see will be British people but they all look different because Britain is a Multicultural Society.

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Negative 1

 There are many positives to being a multicultural society, but also many negatives. For example, in many parts of  Britain, Racism is out of control. Over the past 100 years, Racism has been responsible for the death of over 62 million people. We cannot continue to live like this, with people being destroyed because they are of a different culture or religion. Recently, racism has been improved upon but it still happens today. Racism is being used openly and no mercy is shown. For example,Last December, Liverpool's Suarez was handed an eight-match ban and a £40,000 fine by the Football Association after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United's Evra. 

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Positive 1

There are many positives to Britain being a multicultural society. We have cultral influences, such as food and religions. We have new, better equipment influenced by the technology from other countries that have been brought into the UK. Saudi Arabia, China and America have all influenced technology in the UK due to their different cultures and how advanced they are and what resources they have in the world of technology. Equipment and technology such as the digital camera, dental floss and breakfast cereal.

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Negative 2

Immigration is becoming such an issue that if voted in, UKIP have promised to 'freeze' the borders for 4 years, therfore preventing illegal immigrants and reducing the number of non-brits. Illegal immigrants will be deported back to their own country. UKIP do focus on immigrants more than other things, but in the last election, UKIP bumped Conservative down to 3rd. This shows that they are gaining popularity with the people due to the amount of illegal people coming to England for benefits, Free health care and jobs.

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In conclusion, however much Britain may benifit from being a multicultural society, the immigration of citizens of foreign countries, needs to be controlled seing as it brings more trouble than it's worth. 

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