Natural Moral Law


How many levels of law are there for Natural Moral

4 Levels of law  

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What are the 4 levels of Natural Moral Law?

  • Eternal law 
  • Divine law
  • Natural law
  • Human law
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What was the goal of Natural Law for Aristotle ?


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What is Eternal Law?

The principles by which God governs the universe. 

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What is Divine Law?

Refers to the Bible which guides us in reaching our goal of perfection 

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What is Natural Law?

The part of the eternal law that applies to human choices in identifying the primary precepts and can be known by our natural reason 

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What is Human Law?

A recognition of a need to seek the common good by establishing custom and tradition of rules based in experienced judgement. 

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Is Natural Moral Law Deontological or Teleological


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What are the 5 Primary Precepts?

  • Preserve innocent life 
  • Orderly living in society
  • Worship God
  • Educate children 
  • Reproduce
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What are Secondary Precepts?

Secondary Precepts are produced or created from the five primary precepts . For example, the fifth primary precept is to  reproduce , the secondary precept of this would be to not use contraception. 

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