Nazi Consolidation of Power- 1933-34


Reichstag Fire

  • Nazis would use loudspeakers in streets to appeal to German nation
  • 27th Feb 1933 Reichstag set on fire- found at the scene was a Dutch Communist- Marinus van der Lubbe
  • Hitler used this to blame Communists and subsequently got KPD banned
  • Hitler then asked Hindenburg to pass the Decree for the Protection of People and State- which limited individualism, imprisoning opponents and gave greater control to the police force- Nazi dictatorship now more likely
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March 1933 Elections

  • Nazis gained 43.9% of vote not enough for overall majority
  • Got a majority through an alliance with DNVP
  • For Nazis to make constitutional changes needed a 2/3 majority
  • Got the Enabling Act March 23rd passed through support from ZP
  • Weimar Constitution a rubber stamp
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Political Structure

  • All local parliaments abolished replaced in reflection to election results
  • Reichstadthalter- offices of leaders of 35 Gaue
  • Jan 1934- law for recon. of state- allowed Reichsrat to be abolished
  • Also govt. were outlawed and replaced by Nazi governors
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More Laws

  • April 7th 1933 Law for Restoration of Civil Service passed- banned Nazi opponents and Jews from working in it
  • Dec. 1933 Law to Ensure Unity of Party and State was passed
  • May 2nd 1933 all Trade Unions banned and DAF set up to stop industrial and labour conflicts 
  • KPD, SPD and ZP all banned- DVP, DNP and DNVP voluntarily disbanded
  • July 1933- Law Against Formation of Political Parties passes- professional bodies lost their independence
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Night of the Long Knives

  • Hitler saw a threat from SA and Rohm who wanted a revolution
  • 30th June 1934 280 SA leaders and 400 political opponents killed inc. Rohm all killed
  • Law was passed that made NoLK legal
  • Nazis were now in firm control
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Creation of Dictatorship

  • August 2nd 1934 Hindenburg passed away- Hitler now in full power
  • August 19th a plebiscite for creation of Office for Fuhrer- 89.9% voted in favour
  • Army oath of allegiance to Hitler followed and a Nazi Dictatorship was now established
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