Nial keegan Jig + Reel



Jig- Written by Nial Keegan 

Reel- Unknown composer

Both recorded in 1944

Traditional irish folk music  

Jig and Reel comes from the baroque Pavane and Galliard 

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Traditional irish woodern flute

Ocasional foot tapping and audience encouragement 

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Monophonic Throughout

Ocasional foot tapping 

Audience encouragement near end

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Both are in G major throughout 

Some chromatic passing notes- Jazz influence

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No chords as only melody 

Melody outlines broken chords of G major

Mainly uses chords I, IV, V

Each section ends with perfect cadence 

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Jig has 8 bar phrases that are repeated  AABB AABB

Reel has 4 bar sections that are repeated AABB AABB

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Made up of broken chords

Ornamentation oftern used 

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Rhythm and Metre

Jig- In compound time 

Reel- In simple time 

These time signatures are common of Jigs and reels 

Made up of semiquavers throughout

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