Opportunities nationally and locally.

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Opportunities nationally and locally.

  • At the mement stevie playing for School, Newport Ladies,South East Wales and Welsh academy.
  • Steveie (13) started playing for her secondary school, made more aware of opps nationally and locally.
  • After playing for school was persuaded to join locla team.(Newport)
  • Joined Newps ladies were playiing for 3rd, after a while skills noticed and started playing for 2nds and sometimes 1st.
  • Problem with hokcey=Money.Stevie pays £70 affiliation each season, goes to WHU for facilities provided for her. Also pays £4 match fees.Contributes to price of pitch and umpires.
  • Whilst playing for newport stevie is in Performance level of performance pyramid. Fun, enjoyable however involves more commitment.
  • After playing for Newps ladies, skills were noticed by WHU and therefore more opps were offered to her. From playing for school Stevie attended SEW trials. school paid for transport to trials and registered her with WHU.
  • Playing for SEW doesnt involve alot of money fortunatly as the WHU fund them.Gives stevie a better chance as cost isnt a issue.
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  • Anotehr opportunity that arose from playing for newport and SEW was welsh academy.
  • Run by WHU and is training course for players in participation level to help them reach performnce level and hopefully up into elite stage.
  • From playing for a local club stevie was offered a place in welsh acadmy where  was able to get specialist coaching at no cost.
  • Stevie not at eliet stage as not representing country.
  • One reason for not being at eliet stage is possible transport and cost.
  • another reason could be lack of specialist coaches to help her progress.
  • Through school SEW, Club and welsh academy stevie is open to more opportunities. Had stevie not started off at participation level she would not be at performance level she is now.
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