Origin And Meaning Key Concept


Origins and Meaning Key Concepts

Creation ex nihilo - "Creation out of nothing". Before God created the universe, nothing existed. Only God can create out of nothing.

Evolution - The process of mutation and natural selection which leads to changes in species over time to suit particular environments.

Imago Die - "In the image of God". The belief that human beings are uniquely a reflection of God's personhood. Unlike the other animals, human beings are rational, free and moral.

Inspiration - "God-breathed". The belief that the Spirit of God guides an individual to act or write what is good and true.

Omnipotence - The belief that God is all-powerful.

Revelation - The word used to describe all of the ways in which God makes himself known to human beings. Christians believe that God does this finally and fully in the person of Jesus Christ.

Stewardship - The duty to care for creation responsibly, as stewards rather than consumers, and to protect it for future generations. 

Transcendence - Existing outside of space and time; God exists in a way that makes him nothing like anything that exists, above and beyond creation.

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