O/S role in managing resources

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Manages peripherals

· Communicates with and sends data output to a printer / monitor / other

· valid output device

· Communicates with and receives data input to a keyboard / mouse / other valid input device

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File compression

· The amount of data is reduced and the file is made smaller

· Compression is used to save disc space

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Disc de-fragmentation

· Fragmented files are split up and stored on different parts of the disc

· Disc fragmentation will slow down disc access speed

· Disc de-fragmentation is when file parts are physically re-arranged (re- organised, moved, 

· re-ordered) on disc (into the order required for access)

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Manages processes

· Ensures different processes can utilise the CPU and do not interfere with each other or crash

· On a multi-tasking O/S ensure that all tasks appear to run simultaneously

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· Data is stored on hard disc/in memory / stored in a queue

· Document is printed when printer is free / in correct order

· Benefit of spooling - User can carry on working / log off when waiting for job to print

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Manages backing store

· Ensures that data is stored and can be retrieved correctly from any disc drive

· Creates and maintains Filing system such as FAT or NTFS (accepted but not expected)

· Organise files in a hierarchical directory structure

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Manages memory (RAM)

· Ensures programs / data do not corrupt each other

· Ensures all programs and data including itself is stored in correct memory locations

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