Parliamentary Supermacy


The meaning of Parliamentary Supremacy

The meaning of parliamentary supremacy was expressed by:

  • A V Dicey.
  • He said: 'Parliament has the right to make or unmake any law it wishes and no person or body has the right to override or ignore the law of Parliament.'
  • This means that Parliament is the supreme law making body in the UK.
  • It also means that Parliament's laws are the highest form in the UK.
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The 7 key features of Parliamentary Supremacy

The 7 key features are: (*think ACTMRBE)

  • A: if any other source conflicts, the Act will stand.
  • C: It cannot be challenged and must be applied in all UK courts.
  • T: If 2 Acts of Parliament conflict, the latter will prevail.
  • M: Parliament has the power to make or rescind any law it wishes.
  • R: Parliament can repeal any law it wishes by majority vote.
  • B: Parliament cannot bind its successors.
  • E: Parliament can make any laws that apply to past events or events outside the UK. E.g the War Crimes Act.
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