Past Paper Questions

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1(a) Analysing work

Describe how your analysis of the conventions of real media texts informed your own creative media practice.

Editing, cinematography, costume and makeup, narrative, setting/location, props, layout and format, colour shceme, typography and font, images and how the band is represented

Describe a range of creative decisions that you made in post-production and how these decisions made a difference to the final outcomes.

Music video, poster, digipak first and second draft, music magazine; front cover, contents page and double page spread first draft and second draft, conventions, group work, ideas, mindmaps, budget

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1(b) Theorists

Analyse media representation in one of your coursework productions


Explain how meaning is constructed by the use of media language in one of your coursework productions

Narrative, Genre, Representation, Audience Theory


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2 and 3 Contemporary Media Regulations

Explain which forms of media regulation are the most effective, which are not so, and your reasons for both

For and against censorship and case studies

Media regulation becomes less important as society progresses

BBFC timelines

We need stricter media regulation

For and against censorship and case studies

To what extent is it becoming more difficult to regulate media and why?

BBFC timelines and BBFC, PEGI, Ofcom, PCC, ASA

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