Planning Process in the UK

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Planning Process attempt to provide a means by which local authority planners listen to the local community and organisation responsible and have overall development control

Regional Spatial Strategies - each regional planning body sets out things like homes or shopping centres for future populations. Certain areas within the authority are zoned

Local Development Frameworks - each local planning authority within the region is preparing an LDF. A folder of documents that set out how the local area mgiht change over the next few years

All plans must take account of sustainable needs of future communities, the environment and arrangement of the development needed to help people live and work in the area. Some areas have special protection against developments because they contain attractive landscapes, interesting plants and wildlife or because the spread of towns and villages into open countryside needs controlling. 

Some smaller areas of land also contain ancient monuments that must not be damaged. Some buildnigs are specifically protected or listed because of their archietecture or historic interest

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Public Involvement

Individuals and communities are encouraged to get involved during the preparations of the plans. Authorities must set out how they will involve the local community by making a statement of community involvement. 

The local plans are published for people and groups to comment on and suggest changes. Draft plans are also examined at inquires by independent inspectors from the government, and everyone can put their views to the inspector. 

When the drafts are finally approved, the council have to take all comments into account

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Market Processes

...operate where the ability of organisations undertaking the project to pay the going rate takes precedence over any local or national concerns

Objectors cannot afford to outbid the developer and the development goes ahead with minimal consultation. Where it does occur, consultations are often an opportunity to voice objections  or propose counter-arguments with no right of independent appeal. 

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Achieving Balance

  • Account for views of the poor or lacking in power
  • Do not allow views of those quieter individuals to be drowned out
  • Consider sustainable environment needs in the long term
  • Balance views of small, seriously affected population against larger, less affected population
  • Balance economic consideration against quality of life concerns
  • recognise that some people win while others lose but attempt to minimise the losses

Planning laws are put in place by local authorites to prevent a chaotic approach to development and use fo resources, and to minimise ensuing conflict about the impact of these on different segments of the population

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