Poetry anthology- Neutral Tones


Neutral Tones


ABBA rhyme scheme (quatrian) suggests the togetherness of the relationship however the rhythm suggests their breakup as their is a lack of rhythmic consistency which echoes the uncomfortbale feeling between the two people

Half rhyme- "rove" and "love" the break of the rhyming shows the break of their love. As the two words do not fit together it suggests neither do the two people in the relationship

Caesura- many commas create lots of emotion and a halting suggesting he is having to calm himself and is full of anger and not as neutral as the title suggests

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Neutral Tones


"Though chidden of God"- verb, to be told off, suggests God was annoyed as the sun was too bright in a bleak time so stripped the sun of its colour and warmth suggesting the relationship has also been stripped of these things

"Your eyes on me were as eyes that rove"- the eyes are thought to be the window to the soul suggesting th light has gone out and there is no longer any emotion felt by the other person. The repetition emphasises this. 

"The smile on her mouth was the deadest thing"- the superlative combined with 'smile' is an oxymoron. A smile normally indicates happiness however this smile is dead and contains no love, instead it is almost sarcastic.

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Neutral Tones


"God-curst sun"- the sun is still cold and has no warmth showing that he is still affectedby the breakup of the relationship and feels as if the world will never regain its colour again. It is also cyclical as it relates to the first stanza bringing the poem in a full circle. 

"Wrings with wrong"-alliteration of a harsh and angry sound shows the person is full of pain, anger and bitterness from what the other has done to him.

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Neutral tones


  • Failed relationships
  • Separation
  • Memory

Links to 'When we two parted":

"Like an ominous bird a-wing" "It felt like the warning/Of what I feel now", both link to how there were warning signs that the relationnship was ending and it was going to cause them pain

"Decieves" "Decieves" both show that love can lie and it has hurt them both badly

"The smile on your mouth was the deadest thing" "Pale grew thy cheek" Both show that the other person was the one to fall out of love and have no emotion.

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