Potential impacts of hazards for individuals who require care or support, employees and employers

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Injury or harm

Individuals who may be harmed if environmental hazards havent been idenified.

1. An individual attending an appointment at their local GP surgery may fall if steps are uneven at the front enterance and has not been repaired.

Chemical hazards can cause injuries and harm to both indivduals who require care and support and emplyees of organisations.

1. Not using cleaning agents in the line with the manufacturer's instructions by not wearing protective equipment such as aprons and gloves. This may lead to emplyees getting burns or skin rashes

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Biological and physcological hazards. If not identifed and managed it can cuase life threatining and long term illnesses.

1. Use dressings need to be safely disposed of. Dirty laundry washeds seperately and bodily fluid spillages need to be cleaned quickly, using correct equipment.

Physcological hazards, such as stress and tiredness have potential to impact everyone. Employees will be more likely to make mistakes when do their job.  As a result individuals who require care and support may recieve poor or even unsafe levels of care.

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Poor standards of care

Unsafe working conditions and working practices can result in hazards not being noticed, reduced or removed. This can impact directly on the standards and quality of care and support being provided.

1. Lack of properly maintained handwashing facilites can result in employees not maintaining a godo level of personal hygiene. Leading to spread of infections.

Poor working pracitces can also impact on standards of care and supoort.

1. A lack of regular supervison for all employees can lead to poor communication within the team and those individuals who require care and support.  This could lead to conflicts and misunderstandings, emloyees and employers not being able to work in partnership and experiencing higher levels of stress.

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Financial loss

Hazards can also have a devestating effect on employers and organisations as a whole. A lack of effective secuirty systems may result in theft of personal belongings and damage to property. Lawsuits and fines can damage the reputation of the organisation and future business may suffer.

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Harm and abuse

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Intentional abuse

Abuse can be deliberate.

1. A senior care assistant who supports an individual requiring care and support with their shopping and buys items for themselves  with the individuals money is deliberately abusing that individual financially.

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Unintentional abuse

Harm and abuse towards others can also be  unintentional, through poor care.

1. A senior care worker who supports an older individual to move postion in bed in a careless manner is unentionally physically abusing that individual.

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Effects of abuse

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