PROD 3: Communication and Representation of Design Ideas


Mood Boards

> usually a collection of images/photos e.g of similar products to those being designed, colour swatches, fabric/material samples, finishes ect

> normally used by a designer as a style reference when designing

> may also be used with the client to agree on a particular style with the designer

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2D / 3D Sketching

> sometimes known as thumbnail sketching

> quick, rough sketches to explore concept ideas

> designers may add critical or evaluative comments as they design

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> the use of line, tone and often colour to make a 2D or 3D drawing look realistic

> can be done by hand

> can be done on 3D CAD systems like ProDesktop, Keyshot, 3D Studio Max, or Pro Engineer

> both techniques enable the designer to experiment with textures and colour to represent alternative materials and surface finishes

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Orthographic Projection

> orthographic drawings are technical line drawings, usually showing the product in a front, plan and end view

> used to convey design details necessary for manufacture

> may:

be drawn to a scale e.g 1:10

be dimensioned

include details of materials/finishes

be known as working drawings

include a tolerance

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> may be in the form of 3D photo realistic CAD models that can be used to select and develop ideas

> or may be physical models made with resistant or compliant materials

> to ensure a design is correct, designers may use scale models before the product is developed further

> e.g architects would often make a scale model of a building to check proportions, aesthetic considerations ect

> may also use the model to present ideas to clients and the public

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Mock Ups

> a type of rough prototype, possibly made in low-cost materials such as card, MDF, plywood, ect

> for example, in developing the Euro fighter plane, designers used a full size plywood mock up to test the ergonomics of the cockpit with test pilots

> on a smaller scale, product designers often make modelling clay mockups for things such as handles, again to test ergonomics

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> a high quality model or functioning product that is produced to realise a design solution

> the prototype would be tested and evaluated before the product is considered for production

> e.g a concept travel iron modelled in MDF and acrylic

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Presentation Boards

> usually display high quality renderings, and possibly technical line drawings, showing the details of the design

> may be used when presenting to a client, colleague ot to the public

> e.g architects would present their designs in the form of an artist's impression, elevation drawings at exhibitions, or to local authorities to receive planning permission for projects

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