Product design core knowledge

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Computer aided design CAD

CAD (basic 2D systems) vector based systems describe geometries that are able to be converted into machine code and define for manufacture

Development of an increasing range of computer numerically controlled CNC machines signalled the single most contribution to increase in manufacturing productivity

3D CAD tools enabled designers development quickly generate ideas rapid prototyping tchnologies.

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Testing modelling

various software including finite element analysis programs can be used to predict the effects of loading and identify weaknesses and stress points

Fluid Dynamic software is used in the design of vehicles, analysing and measuring the effects of air flow and in architectural design where the effectiveness of air conditioning and heating systems can be tested

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Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping are availble that translate 3D design into physical forms. software are used to slice up layer to sequence to rapid prototying system. this can be done like

Laminated object manufacturing - Building up layers of adhesive-coated sheet material

Stereo lithography - laser traces the shape of a layer onto a bath of liquid resin and this curves the resin the platform is lowered with another layer traced

laser sintering - laser traced onto a heat fusible powder

3D printing - prints a thermoplastic material (ABS) layer on top of the previous

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Stock control

stock is classified in three groups

Materials/components- bought in from suppliers to be in the manufacture of products

Work in progress- incomplete products currently being manufactured

Finished products- assembled products of desired standard ready for distribution

Stock control enables products to flow without costly hold ups, ensures that sufficients raw materials and components of acceptable quality are purchased and customer demand is met

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Electronic Data interchange

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a way in which info can be exchanged between computers within a company or between companies. It is used extrensvely in stock control systems enabling the speedy exchange of orders and invoices.

Benefits computerised stock control

  • lower cost
  • improve efficiency
  • very quick system
  • data easily stored
  • detailed


  • initial cost of set up
  • digital data may be accessed without security system
  • sortware failure and virus attacks
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High- volume production and automation

High-volume production like computer integrated manufacture (CIM) is used in fully automated manufactureing plants. This including CAD,CAM,CAPP and CNC. Software is also used to predict and check for tool wear and plan-in appropriate maintenace tasks


  • low labour cost
  • low production cost through ecounomies of scale
  • no production loss through disutes
  • consistent quality


  • expensive inital layout
  • system breakdown costly
  • specialised workforce regular training
  • protocols of all systems may not communicate
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