promting quality care


Types of attitudes

  • Prejudices
  • stereotyping
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primary and secondary socialisation


  • norms learnt from parents
  • role models
  • gender socialisation


  • peers
  • education
  • media
  • religion
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  • direct and indirect discrimination
  • unfair treatments
  • anti-discriminatory practices.
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Legislations for protection

  • Children and young people - Children act/everychild matters
  • Vulnerable adults - POVA now the Vetting and barring scheme.
  • People with disabilities - Disability discrimination act
  • Minority ethnic groups - Race relations act
  • Men and women - Sex discrimination act
  • Older people - the Equality act
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Ways organisation could promote quality care

  • provide training for staff on policy/legislation/carevalues so they follow correct procedures
  •  mentoring system to help staff and give them advice/support
  •  monitor/appraise/observe/inspect/review their staffs’ performance so they can reflect and improve
  •  provide appropriate resources/equipment so they can do the job correctly
  •  staff meetings to share concerns/communicate pwus needs/share good practice
  • good handover procedures to ensure consistency incare and good standards
  •  provide policies/procedures – to ensure staff work within the law and responsibly
  •  good management structure – a clear hierarchy and procedures. Approachable and effective managers
  •  good induction procedures – to ensure they are well prepared, trained and working in line with the organisations policies and procedures
  • staff recruited – ensure staff are well qualified and competent to do the job
  •  care values – ensure that staff use and abide by the care values
  •  feedback (questionnaires, interviews, comment boxes, focus groups)
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Opportunities for reddress

  • If the complaint of discrimination relates to emplyment they would use the organisations policies and procedures and equal opportunity as a means of changing their situation
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Equal Opportunities policy

  • recruitment
  • terms and conditions
  • training
  • promotion
  • complaints
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children act

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