Properties of human communication not present in animal communication

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Humans can plan ahead

  • Humans can plan ahead and dicuss future events
  • Humans are able to talk about things that have not happened yetlike what they are going to do next week.
  • They can also talk about things that don't exist such as aliens.
  • However animals are not able to do this - they can only think about the present .
  • For example, they cannot plan where they are going to get their next lot of food from.
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  • Humans can put language together to form new meanings - it is an open system.
  • However, animals use a closed system of communication.
  • For example a dogs bark only has a limited number of meanings - it can show the dog is angry but not show why.
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single vs multiple channels

  • Humans have multiple channels as they are able to give the same message in a number of different ways.
  • For example to tell somebody you are happy with them you could verbally tell them, email them, give them a thumbs up etc.
  • On the other hand animals have single channels as they have a set way of communicating things.
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