Psychological Explanation of Addiction

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Addiction can develop as a result of environmental factors such as socialisation and experience.

Social Identity Theory- As humans we have the need to belong in a group so, a person may develop addiction as a result of friend groups participating in addictive behaviour so wanting to join in to 'fit' in. 

Social Learning Theory- Most of the time (especially while young), we learn through observation. We are more likely to 'look up to' our role models which results in us copying them. An individual may develop addiction by observing their role models participating in addicitve behaviour and imitating this.

Peer Influence- Our peers create social norms so individuals participate in these social norms as it is seen to be 'normal'. 

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- supporting research that addiction starts in teenagers with friends using substance


- may be other way round, teens may choose friend groups based on substance use

- some people can resist peer influence and still be addicted

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