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Unit 1 Section 1 Introduction

-Agnosticism menas not being sure whether god exists.

-Athesim means not believing god exists.

-Christians believe god is omnipotent, moniscient, moni-benevolent and created the whole world and answers prayers and can perform miracles.

-Atheists don't believe in god because of science, no physical proof of god's existance, that miracles can be explained and that the evil and suffering in the world prove an all loving god can't exist.

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Unit 1 Section 1 Religious Upbringing

-Christians raise their children to believe in god as they believe their religion gibes their children a secure basis and helps them through diffciulties.

How do Christian families encourage their children to believe in god?


-Church School

-Parents' examples


-Confirmation/ Renewing baptism vows

-Christian Community

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Unit 1 Section 1 Religious experiences

What convinces people God exists?

-Numinous experiences makes people feel a greater prescence like god.

-Conversion is an experience which causes an individual to change their beliefs.

-Prayer is a method to communicate with god.

-Miracles are an act of god that appears to be impossible 

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Unit 1 Section 1 The Design Argument

-Paley's watch compared the world to the watch as being very complex so it must have been created by an intelligent being.

-The argument agains design is that the appearance of design could be the result of evolution or other scientific theories. The design argument is only a suggestion.

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Unit 1 Section 1 The Causation Argument

-->Nothing happens by itself

--> Everythung that happens must be caused by something else

-->The Universe cannot have happened by itself

-->A powerful cause was necessary to cause the universe

-->The cause has to be god

-->Therefore God exists

-The arguments against this say that the causation argument cannot be proved, The argument only suggests god is the cause, there are other possible causes, what caused god?

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Unit 1 Section 1 Scientific Explanations of World

-Scientific theories offer alternative explanations of the world and humanity without god plus science can be tested and properly proven whereas god cannot.

-Some Christians believe these scientific theories are compatible with god.

-The Bible's description of the world creation is more of a story. 

-They also believe the six days of creation were stages not actual periods of time.

-Science descibes how whereas god describes why.

-Other christians believe the scientific theories are wrong because it conflicts with the bible.

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Unit 1 Section 1 Unanswered Prayers

-Unanswered prayers may lead some to question their belief in god.

Christian response to unanswered prayers

-They may accept they haven't got enough faith.

-They may feel god is not listening to them.

-They may believe their prayers were selfish and god doesn't accept selfish prayers.

-Some may believe the unanswering is part of god's divine plan.

-They may accept they don't fully understand god but go on trusting him.

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Unit 1 Section 1 The problem of evil & suffering

-Moral Evil is evil carried out by humans.

-Natural Evil is rvil that humans have nothing to do with and have no control over.

-If god was omni-benevolent he would remove evil and suffering from his creations.

-If god was omni-scient he would know how to get rid of evil and suffering.

-If god was omni-potent he would be able to remove evil and suffering.

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Unit 1 Section 1 Christian responses to the proble

-Genesis says God created a perfect world and that Adam and Eve used their free will to be evil and that Jesus was sent to overcome the evil in the world.

Christian explanations for Evil

-Free Will

-God's test for people

-God's Divine plan that we should trust as we aren't omniscient

-Following The example Jesus set in the bible.

Christian Responses

-Chrisitans should respond by praying, helping others, volunteering and strengthening their faith.

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Unit 1 Section 1 The Media and Belief in God

-The media can have a postive effect by showing how being a religous believer can positively enhance the person's life.

-The media can also have a negative effect by ridiculing religous believers, making them look stupid or proving religion wrong through scientific documentaries.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Christian beliefs in life after d

-Protestants believe there is no hell.

-Roman Catholics believe in purgatory where sinners go to be cleansed.

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Unit 1 Section 2 The effect of belief in the after

To help get into heaven Christians...

-Confess and repent for their sins


-Doing good work

-Putting Christian teachings into action


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Unit 1 Section 2 Islamic beliefs about life after

-Muslims believe in akhirah (life after death)

-Allah will judge each individual on how they lived their lives and two angels will open the book which contains a record of people's actions. If thir name is recorded on the right side of the book they will be sent to al'Jannah (paradise) and if their name is on the left side they will be sent to Jahannam (Hell).

How Muslims try to get to al'Jannah

-They try to follow the Qur'an and Shari'ah law.

-They try to follow the examples of the prophet Muhammad.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Non-religious beliefs in life aft

Non Religious reasons for belief in an afterlife

-Neardeath Experiences

-Paranormal Activity (refers to unexplained spirtual events).

-Reincartion (the belief that a person's soul is reborn into another body or form after death).

Other Reasons why people believe in afterlife

-The idea of death is difficult to deal with

-Belief in an afterlife seems to make life fairer

-Sometimes people feel their dead loved ones are still with them.

-Those who live a good life should be rewarded while those who live a bad life should be punished.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Non-belief in life after death

-There is no evidence in life after death.

-Science explains everything in our world and we shouldn't believe in unscientfic things.

-Humans are mortal and when a person des their body decays.

-Religion is outdated.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Abortion

-An abortion is the removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive.

The 1967 Abortion Act and The Human Fertilisation and Embryology act of 1990 claims

 An Abortion must be agreed upon by two doctor

 Abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks if the child born would be severly disabled, an existing child would suffer or if there is a physical or mental risk to the woman.

 Abortion is allowed after 24 weeks if the mother's life is at risk or hte baby would be severly deformed.

-Arguments for Abortion say women should have a right of choice, in cases of **** abortion should be allowed, it would be kinder if the baby was severly deformed and that the parent cannot sometimes provide for the child.

-Arguments against abortion say life begins at conception, An embryo has a right to life and that adoption is an alternative.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Christian Attitudes to Abortion

-The sancity of life argument is the belief that life is sacred and belongs to god.

 Quotes for Sanctity of Life and Argument

             "So God created man in his own image"

             "Your body is a temple of the holy spirt"

             "You shall not commit murder"

 Christian Arguments Against abortion

-Abortion is viewed as murder and life is a sacred gift from god with value.

-Life begins at conception and god has a plan for every human

Christian Arguments for Abortion

-Jesus taught about compassion and in cases of **** and incest it is the kindest action

-We cannot be sure whether life begins at conception.

-Medical Technology allows us to see problems with the foetus and it can help save the mother's life.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Muslim Attitudes to Abortion

-Ensoulment is when the soul has entered the foetus at 120 days.

-Muslims allow abortion sometimes as the foetus would not exist if not for the mother and the morther's life is established.

Different Muslim Views on Abortion

-Some argue abortion is allowed in **** cases, but they are not allowed when parents can't care for the child.

-After ensoulment abortion is only permitted when the mother's life is in danger and it is not allowed if the pregnancy is a result of adultery.

-An unplanned pregnancy is not a reason for an abortion and some believe women should have a right to choose what happens to their bodies plus some allow abortions in the first 16 weeks.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Euthanasia

-Euthanasia is the painless killing of someone dying from a painful disease.

-Euthanasia is illegal in the UK.

-Voluntary Euthanasia is euthanasia t the person's request.

-Assisted Suiced is providing someone with the means to commit suicide.

-Non-voluntary euthanasia is ending someone's life when they are unable to ask.

-Euthanasia allows for a painless death, a dignified death, saving of medical costs and medical staff can focus on other patients.

-Euthanasia goes against sanctity of life, some people may be pressured into euthanasia, hospices are a good alternative, and the legalisation of euthanasia could lessen the value of life.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Christian attitudes to Euthanasia

-Some believe it is wrong  as it goes against sancity of life, only god has the right to take away life, Euthanasia could be used for evil and It could be seen as murder.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Muslim Attitudes to Euthanasia

-Muslims think euthanasia is wrong because human life is sacred as Allah gave it to them, All life is valuable, Allah chooses how long people live and no one knows Allah's plan.

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Unit 1 Section 2 Matters of life and death in the

-Issues like abortion need to be discussed on the media as they affect everyone, make people aware of different views, they are controversial, the law changes need to be told to the people.

Should the Media criticise religous views on these issues?

For-No views should be exempt, Religous views may be seen as wrong and it is important to debate views.

Against-Religious views should be respected due to their age, They are traditional teachings, The media should present the ideas not criticise them.

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Unit 1 Section 3 Changing attitudes towards marria

-Reasons for change are that the UK is now mulit-fatih and multi-ethnic societ, people are more tolerant, the church has less influence and women are now more equal to men in society.

-Cohabition is living together without being married.

Types of Family

-Nuclear family is two parents and their children living together

-Re-constituted family is step families which have joined together through re-marriage.

-Same-Sex family is 2 same sex parents with children

-Single parent family one parent and children

-Extended family is parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all living together.

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Unit 1 Section 3 Christian attitudes to sex outsid

-The bible teaches sex should be saved for marriage, casual relationships are wrong, adultry is forbidden and couples should be faithful.

-Adultry breaks marriage vows and promiscuity makes people vulnerable to STIs.

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Unit 1 Section 3

Islam Teaches

-Sex should be kept special for marriage. Adultry is a sin. Muslims should not behave in a sexual manner towards others. The main purpose of sex is procreation. The ideal marriage partner is one who loves Allah.

Why all Muslims should marry

-Prophet Muhammad was married, Marriage is Allah's intention. Marriage brings Allah's blessing and forgiveness. Sexual desire is a gift from Allah and muslims should fulfill this through marriage.

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Unit 1 Section 3 Christian Attitudes to divorce

-Differences in bible interpretartion explains different Christian beliefs

-Divorce is easier to obtain today

-Divorce is more acceptable today

-Women don't need to be 'looked after' by men anymore.

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RE unit 1 Section 3 Muslim Attitudes to Divorce

1.The husband must announce his attention to divorce his wife.

2.During this time the couple live together but don't have sex.

3.The couple and their families have a chance to try and work things out.

4.After three months has passed the couple are free to remarry.

For-Marriage is a contract not a promise, The Qur'an allows for divorce and sometimes it is better for the muslim family.

Against-Muhammad didn't divorce, Divorce shows disrespect to the family, divorce may damage the children's lives.

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