RE Unit 8 Section 2


RE Unit 8 Section 2 Natural Resources

-Natural resources are naturally ocurring materials, some of which can be used for fuel.

-Renewable energy sources can be replaced and never run out but can be more expensive or only work in certain areas.

-Non renewable energy sources cannot be replaced once used and are often more effective but are scarce and cause pollution.

-Issues are that humans are very reliant on non renewable energy sources,will probably run out eventually and have an enormous impact on the planet and human life.

-A solution is conservation which involves looking after the environment and preserving resources for future generations and can be done by using renewable energy, conserving electricity, walking and cycling.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Christian teachings on steward

-Christians say the Earth and it's contents were created by god.

-Stewardship is the idea that god gave humans stewarship over the world to look after it for future generations.

-Some believe God gave humans dominion over Earth so they have a position of power and responsibility for God's creation and to care for the environment for future generations.

-Bible teaches Christians that they should take care of the environment, share resources equally, conserve the Eath's resources for future generations, reduce pollution and care for animals and plants as they are god's creations.

-Christians should do these things as god will reward for them if they have done good for the environment

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Muslims on Conserving the envi

-Muslims believe Allah created the world as a gift to mankind so they have a duty to care for it.

-Allah put humans in charge of his creation so they should respect this gift.

-Adam was made as a khalifa/caretaker for the Earth

-On the day of judgement Allah will judge everyone on how they lived, including whether they cared for the Earth or not.

-Animals are Allah's creaions so humans should treat with them respect.

-Muslims look after the world by supporting Environmental organisations, Recycling an reducing energy usage, planting trees and crops, not overusing Earth's resources, sharing resources, not damaging natural environment, avoiding pollution.

-Islam also teaches that Earth's balances should be maintained.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Medical treatments for inferti

-Infertility is the inability to have children.

-Types of treatment are artificial insemination where the husband or partner's sperm is medically put into the womb, IVF is where an egg is fertilised in a test tube then put back in the mother, Surrogacy is where another woman carries the baby and egg donation is where the husband or partner's sperm is used to fertilise a donor egg then it is put back in the womb.

-Issues are that fertility treatment is expensive,there is no guarantee of success, fertility drugs may have bad side effects and surrogacy can cause problems if the surrogate bonds with the child.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Christian attitudes to fertili

-Christians respond to infertelity by saying it is not god's plan for them to have children, adoption, direct their parental skills in a different way like church work or by exploring fertility treatments.

-Some Christians are for fertility treatment as it allows infertile couples to experience the joy of family, god gave humans the knowledge to create artificial humans, fertility treatment could abide by the gold rule or love thy neighbour plus Christianity teaches that god commaned humans to be fruitful and multiply.

-Some Christians are against it as surrogracy brings a 3rd person into a marriage (adultery), no one has rights to a child if it isn't god's will, treatments which involve fertilisation outside of the womb involve masturbation which is wrong to christians and often embryos are destroyed when some are created which some Christians feel is murder.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Muslim attitudes to fertility

-Some types of infertility treatment are acceptable because it is sean as a disease which can be cured, childbirth is important to family commitment, having children brings a couple closer together, the role and status of a muslim woman in society involves her ability to have children.

-Some muslims believe if Allah doesn't want a couple to have a child they should accept it an not have treatment to act by Allah's wishes.

-Most muslims disagree with donor sperm or eggs as it is adultery.

-All muslims believe surrogacy is wrong as it is adultery.

-IVF and artificial insemination by husband are permitted as it is before ensoulment and the sperm an egg are from the couple.

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RE unit 8 section 2 Transplant Surgery

-The advantages of transplant surgery are that organs that would be wasted could be used to help others and it offers relief to those who recieve the transplants and their loved ones.

-On the other hand it is expensive and how do you decide who recieves the transplant plus there are limited organs.

-Organ donation is voluntary and most organ donations come from dead donors.

-Issues raised by organ donation is that there are not enough organs to supply the demand, should humans use animal organs, famoly members may be pressurised into donating organs of loved ones and who should get the organ when there is not enough for everyone.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Christian Attitudes to transpl

-Reasons Christians agree with organ donation is that the body is not needed in heaven only the soul, organ donation is a loving and charitable act to follow Jesus' example, it is a way of giving gratitude to god for the gift of life, some believe organ donation is a matter of personal conscience plus it will help get into heaven.

-Some christians disagree as thet believe people shouldn't play god, it inteferes with god's plan, the organs are part of god's creation and it would be wrong to mess with that plus some argue that a person shouldn't get organs if they have deliberately caused damage to themselves like through smoking.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Muslim attitudes to transplant

-Some muslims are against transplant surgery as the Qur'an teaches the body shouldn't be intefered with after death, the organs will be needed as the body will be resurrected on the final day and it goes against the sanctity of life.

-Some muslims are for transplant surgery as it could save someone's life, people can survive after a live donation like with one kidney, man muslims would allow living donor transplants to close relatives.

-In 1995 the Shari'ah council UK stated it supports transplants to alleviate pain or save human life, muslims may carry donor cards and in the absence of a donor card the next of kin may give permission of a loved one if organs can be used to save other people's lives.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Pollution

-Pollution is the contamination of the environment through waste.

-Waste takes up space, spreads disease and releases chemicals that could damage environment.

-Land pollution leads to poor plant growth and threatens animal habitats with things like littering, radioactive waste and pesticides.

-Air pollution is substances released into the atmosphere that threaten the air's chemical balance which can cause acid rain and smog which affects both humans and animals.

-Contaminating rivers affects water quality and plants and that live there if sewage is dumped.

-Solutions are to create less waste by recycling more, use of clean renewable sources like solar power to reduce pollution, set anti pollution laws and research into ways of manufacturing that cause less waste.

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RE Unit 8 Section 2 Global Warming

-Global warming is the increase in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and is caused by the burning of fossil fuels which increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere while some believe the temperature rise is natural.

-The effects are the ice melting which rises sea levels, increased drought which causes famine, increase in extreme weather events and some animals and plants may die out if they can't adapt.

-Solutions are to individually use less energy and support environmental protection, the government could set energy use laws and scientists could research into causes and consequences of climate change so we can do more to prevent it.

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