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Christian and Islamic views on subjects


Why are human rights important for Christians?

  • The Right to life is a Basic christian belief because of the belief in sanctity of life.
  • Christians believe that all people are made in the image of God and so all should have the same human rights
  • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, etc. are all an essential part of being a Christian. (rights are required to be a Christian)
  • Human rights are important for justice, Christians believe in justice. 
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How do Christian make moral decisions?

  • The Bible- they believe that God speaks through the Bible, and Jesus records teachings (on moral behaviour)
  • The Church- Church leaders can interpret the Bible for today. For Roman Catholics the Church is the final authority.
  • Conscience- Many Christians believe that God speaks to them via there conscience
  • Situation Ethics- The idea that decisions should be made by what is the most loving thing to do. (love your neighbour)
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What problems are there that some rights can cause

  • Many Christians are against the right to form civil Partnerships, because they believe that Homosexuality is against God
  • some Christians are against  the right for Christian people to marry into a different religion. they believe that Christians should have children and raise them as Christians.
  • Some Christians are against the right of homosexuals to raise a family. They believe that children should only be brought up by a Mother and a Farther.
  • If a woman requested equal rights in a religion. e.g. A woman wanting to be a catholic priest.
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What are the Christian teachings on moral duties a

  • The Golden Rule- which says that Christians should treat other people in the way that you would want to be treated by them
  • The Parable of the sheep and the Goats- Which says that Christians should help the homeless, the sick and the Hungry
  • A I my brothers keeper? the story of Cain and Able, where Cain killed Able and  was punished by God by having a mark put upon his forehead telling everyone that he was a killer. this tells us the God intended us to be our brothers keeper, and that we should be responsible for the rights of others
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Why do liberal Protestants support Genetic enginee

  • Jesus said that Christians should do all they can to cure diseases.
  • Finding Genetic cures is no different than finding drug cures.
  • there is no difference between creating cells and creating people
  • Embryos are not foetuses until they are 14 days old.
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Why do some Christians only agree with Genetic res

Embryos are killed 

  • Life begins at the moment of conception, whether it be a test tube life, killing is still wrong
  • The killing of an embryo is the same as killing a human which is a great sin
  • 5th commandment not to kill
  • Embryos have been produced by Un-Christian means
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Some Christians are against all genetic research b

  • They believe that God creates the genetic make-up of each person at conception and people have no right to inter fear with this.
  • It is trying to play God which is a great sin
  • it is wrong to make earth perfect; only heaven is perfect
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