Religion and Equality OCR GCSE

Religion and Equality - Key pionts and quotes 



Equality is the idea that everybody is treated the same. 

The UN (Universal Declaration) Act of Human Rights state that everybody should have equal freedoms and rights.

Prejudice is when somebody thinks unfairly of a certian group or person.

Descrimination is when somebody acts on their prejudice to someone of a certian group.Reasons why people may be discriminated are; 

  • Ages
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Disability 
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Biblical Teachings

- Jesus taught that you should love everybody "Love thy nieghbour" 

- God says in the Bible "Love one another as I have loved you" 

Both the above teachings suggest that everybody should be loved as God loves everybody no matter what. 

-St Paul teaches " There is niether Jew nor nor poor, for you are all equal in the eyes of God" 

The above quote suggests that everybody is the same and there for there is no reason why anybody should be treated differently.

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Mother Teresa

  • Was a Roman Catholic nun in India
  • She started up missionaries to help those who are poor, sick and orphaned
  • Originally helped those in India, but then helped all over the world
  • She followed the parable of The Goat and The Sheep
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Racism is the unfair treatment of different races. 

  • Many people fear other races as they do not know them
  • Many christians believe it is wrong as the Bible states that "God made man in his own image" (Genesis) and there for we have no right to discriminate against other races 
  • "Do not miss treat foreigners living in your land" - Leviticus
  • Many christians believe that Jesus died for everyone not just one race
  • "From one human being he created all the races on Earth and made them live throughout the whole Earth." (Acts)
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Church Views on Racism


  • Admit they have been racist but are working hard to change that 

Roman Catholic 

  • Have allowed racisim in the past 
  • Everyone was created by God and are all equal 

United Reformed Church

  • There is only one race as we are all "made in the image of God" - Genisis 


  • Condemn slave owners or traders are allowed to be a quaker
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Martin Luther King Jr

  • A Baptist Minister 
  • Led protests against racism 
  • In the USA between 1950s - 1960s 
  • Non-violence protests 
  • Tried to change the law which seperated blacks and whites 
  • Did boycotts and sit in
  • After he was respected
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Biblical Teaching of Racism

  • A man walking from Jerusalem to Jerico and he was beating up
  • A priest walked past him and pretended he didn't see the man on the floor
  • Then another man from churched walked by , but once again ignored him
  • The a Samaritian walked past ( Jews hated Samatitians) 
  • The Samaritian helped the man up and took him to an in and payed for him 

This story shows how we should love everybody no matter where they are from.

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