Religion and Philosophy

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Exam Keywords: (There will be five of the following in the exam)

  • Islam: The religion of Muslims.
  • Submission: To give in
  • Obedience: To follow orders
  • Five Pillars of Islam: The five things that every good muslim must do: Sahada, Salah, Sawm, Zakah, Haji
  • Jihad: A Muslim war against non-believers.
  • Shahada: Decleration that Allah is the only God.
  • Salah: Pray five times a day
  • Sawm: Fast (Not Eating)
  • Zakah: Give to Charity
  • Haji: To go on pilgrimige.
  • Terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation for political or religious aims.
  • ISIS: A Muslim terrorist group.
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Main Areas of Study

Islam is the religion of the Muslims.

It is linked to submission through the Muslim's submission to the five pillars of Islam.

Allah is the Islam God and he is who the Muslims submit to.

Submission is linked to the five pillars through the Muslims following what the five pillars mean.

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Relevance to you and the Wider World

How does Submission have relevence in your life?

I submit to the School Rules and follow them.

How does Submission have relevence to Muslims?

Muslims submit to the will of Allah and the Five Pillars of Islam.

How does Submission have relevence to the World in General?

Everybody submits to the law and rules of the country they are in.

In the Hatton Gardens raid, all the people who had valuables in the vault may have lost everything in the vault!

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