Religious Studies GCSE (1)

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Unit1. Background to marks.gospel

'This is the good news about Jesus Christ the Son of God'

Gospel = good news.

Why did mark write the gospel,? : because eye witnesses were dying out . 

Where did he get his sources/information from : St.Peter, oral tradition, Jesus himself.

The calming of the storm

This story shows us that we should have faith in Jesus because he is always with you no matter what. It shows he is the Son of God.

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Unit2. Jesus Ministry.

Jesus' Baptism This story shows us that Jesus is the son of God and that it marks the end of his life as a carpenter and the beginning of his ministry also the beginning of his life as a travelling teacher. Jesus Temptation  This shows that Jesus can overcome anything and he does not give in to temptation and he is close to God. Caesarea Philippi  This shows that he is the messiah and he will suffer and be rejected.

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