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Medical Ethnics

This is the process of diciding what is good and acceptable in medicine e.g considering whether ivf or abortion is good or bad or wrong.

Hippocratic oath

This is a special promise made by those working in medicine to treat patients to the best of their ability. It means that doctors swear an oath to ry and preserve life at all cost.

Sanctity of life

This means that life is precious and sacred and desveres respect. No one should take life away or deny it. e.g in the case of abortion.

Quality of life

This means that life is meaningful and pleaserable. For example, when a person feels of value and is free from undue pain and stress.

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more key words


Conscience refers to the inner voice that guides actions and response you make. E.g knowing right from wrong

Free will

This is a belief that humans have a free choice in life. It means that everyone is responisble for their actions and that nothing is completely determined 

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