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Prejudice & Discrimination


Prejudice- Thinking badly of someone before knowing them because of the group they come from.

Discrimination- Actions based on prejudice.

Stereotyping- Having an over simplified mental image of people and applying to everyone in a group.

Positive discrimination- Treating those who have been discriminated in the past more favourably  e.g Disabled parkings.

Scapegoating- Blaming certain groups of people for problems in society.

Homophobia- discrimination on sexuality (gay/lesbian)

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Laws Of Equality

  • Sex Discrimination act - 1975

  • Race relations act- 1976

  • Disability discrimination act- 1995

  • Equality act- 2009
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Causes of Prejudice and Discrimination

Causes of Prejudice and Discrimination:

 Fear, Upbringing (parents influence), stereotyping, scapegoating peer pressure..

 Consequences of prejudice:

Victims feel vulnerable, frightened, have low self esteem, some becomes angry so want revenge, commit crimes and lead to violence.

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Religious teachings:

' All humans are created in the image of god' 

'Love your neighbour as your self'

'There is no Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female for you are all in 1 jesus christ'

The golden rule- treat others as you wish to be treated.

'All people are as equal as the teeth on a comb'

The Quran states that, woman have the same rights as their husbands but he stand 1 step above them.

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Examples of Famous people

Martin Luther King:

Challenged racism in america in the 1960's- black people where segregated from the whites in every aspects of life e.g Schools, Houses, etc...

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