Religious Teachings On Death


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Religious Teachings On Death

Christian (Islam & Judaism have similar beliefs)

  • The dying are told to trust god's mercy and forgiveness.
  • They have a belief in an eternal life in heaven and an eternal suffering in hell.
  • Some Catholics believe in PURGATORY- A time of cleansing your sins before entering heaven.

Hindu (Buddism and Sikhism have similar beliefs)

  • Reletives read sacred texts to the dying and pray.
  • Rites (SAMSKARAS) are carried out after death to ensure better reincarnation.
  • At death, ATMAN (Soul) moves on to a new body. (Depending on KARMA)
  • Their main aim is to escape SAMSARA (Cycle of Birth-Death-Re-Birth) and achieve MAKSHA. (Being one with god)
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