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Marriage and Family life

What is the Christian attitude to Sex and Marriage ?

Quote: " A man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and they become one flesh "

God created man and women for each other this relationship is perfectly fufilled in the sacrement of marriage.

Sex and marriage have the same purpose they are intended tobe unitive to unite a couple toghether second for procreation open to the blessing of children the church teaches that since theyhave the same purposes sex and marriage should allways go together.

Therefore sex outside of marriage is morally wrong

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What are the different to divorce and and christian attitides to remarriage?
The catholic church does not allow for divorce or remarriage because it believes that marriage is a sacrement that can only be ended by death the church does allow for annulment which is a statment that a true marriage never existed in the first place.It does not allow for re marriage since a person would then be commiting adultry in the eyes of the church the church does allow for legal sepration if it is to protect the saftey of either partner or of the children.

Protestants do allow for divorce in some circumstances because jesus allowed them as he beieved there was at least one excepetion to the general rule and that is in the case of sexual imorality.Protestants say is general that divorce is wrong but sometimes may be the lesser of two evils and staying in the marriage may be worse for the two people involved rather than getting a divorce most protestant churches therefore allow for a re marriage 

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What are different Christain Attitudes to Homosexuality?

Roman Catholics:

Roman Catholics believe homosexual acts are sinful as they are against the natural law but homosexuals must be supported by the church to remain celibate.

Evangelical Protestants:

Evangelical Protestants beileve that homosexuality is sinful because it is condemned in the Bible,and that Christains should not or can not be homosexual.

Liberal Protestant:

Liberal Protestants believe homosexual relationships are acceptable , because the buble needs to be re-interprected : gay relationaships may even be blessed by the church.

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Family life

What is the Catholic Attitude to Family Life?

  • Catholics believe that family life is important as family life is the basis for a healthy society and is a place where children learn about both morality and faith.
  • The Church helps with the upbringing of children by running schools youth clubs and by sharing the sacraments.
  • The church helps families by supporting couples celebrating marriage and running family friendly parishes.

Contraception: (any method that tries to prevent fertilisation)

Artificial - prevent conception during sex

Natural - Avoid conception by avoiding sex

Catholic attitude- Artificial contraception is wrong but natural family planning is acceptable.

Non catholic attitude - Most contraception is acceptable when used by a married couple it can help to plan and manage familys and prevent sti's.

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