Key Question 2 Crime & Deviance

What are the patterns and trends in crime?


Green crime: Chernobyl

Where: Pripyat, Ukraine

When: 26 April 1986

What: Chernobyl nuclear power plant 

Why: A combination of reactor design flaws and the operators arranging the core in a manner contrary to the checklist for the test, eventually resulted in uncontrolled reaction conditions 

Deaths: 31 (direct), 15 (estimated indirect deaths up to 2011)

After effects: Many people suffered high doses of radiation, some of which has lead to thyroid cancer, leukaemia, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, mental health and psychological effects and reproductivity and hereditary effects.

Caesium will be a pollutant for deacades to come and plutonium will remain in the environment at low levels for hundreds of years

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Green crime: Deepwater horizon

Where: Gulf of Mexico 

When: 20 April 2010

What: Largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry

Why: Sep 2014 U.S. judge ruled BP primarily responsible for thr oil spill because of gross negligence and reckless conduct

Deaths: 11 killed, 17 injured

After effects: The oil from the spill contained many chemicals harmful to mairne life, a study found that the toxins can lead to irregular heartbeats in tuna leading to cardiac arrest. Damage was done to the sea floor which endangered species, the first breeding season for dolphins after the accident resulted in 10 times more babies washing up on the shores dead

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