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Mass Production and Consumer Society

  • Design and Technology have improved the lives of millions of people world-wide.  But the changes brought about by developments in technology have resulted in far-reaching social consequences
  • In 1765 James Watt invented the steam engine which marked the begining of the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
  • fundamentally changed life, industiralisation and specialisation led to changes in production, workforce, transport and infrastucture
  • new fields of design
  • proffessional designer
  • population explotions around production - a new urban life
  • more people needed more products -MASS PRODUC, responded
  • craftsmenship which is expensive and timely, replaced by machine work
  • no longer exclusive products for rich, affordable prices for working
  • Mass consumer society - where peoples wants are satisfied by continual stream of new products
  • also reffered to as a "throw-away" culture, with increasing demand for convenience products
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  • when mass consumerism developed, out of popular culture, lifestyle and fashion
  • international commerce and transportation developed
  • gave desingers oppurtunity to design luxury ships, aeroplanes, hotels, department stores etc
  • This design style was knows as 'Art Deco'
  • 1930 development in electrical consumer good(radio, refridgerators etc)
  • standard of living increased, demand for new products increased
  • advertising and marketing became a new industry, usinf Market research and packaging/product styling
  • design of aestheitically pleasing products(eg. streamlining) became important
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  • after 2nd WW period of hardship, recovering from fighting
  • not many people could afford luxury items, those who could were scorned
  • Mid 1950's however new consumer society developed, starting in Americal which spread to europe and rest of the world
  • THE BIRTH OF THE TEENAGER - up until now young men and women were following their parents, wearing similar clother, listening to similar music
  • Advent of 'Rock n Roll' changed all of that soon
  • they began to rebel against repressive values of the previous generation
  • began to carve their own identity
  • therefore design quickly evolved to meet the expanding needs of this teenage market in fashion, consumer goods etc
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Targeting children

  • A disturbing feature of modern mass consumerism is targeting young children to stimulate interest in product from a young age (Blockbuster)
  • In the past marketing to children was low budget -toys sweets etc
  • TV's and Computers moved their way into childrens bedrooms, meaning they can be targeted not only through TV but also internet

DETOXING CHILDHOOD - Sue Palmer (key marketing stragies towards children)

  • This exploits children’s natural yearning to play at being grown-ups and targets them with mini-supermarkets and mini-briefcases that emulate the real thing
  • This plays on a child’s natural urge to collect things, such as Pokemon trading cards, with new sets being released regularly so it is difficult to actually collect them all
  • This plays on a child’s need to be accepted by wearing the right brands
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