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Mass Media

  • Impact on audiences
  • Group that influences content
  • Changes in the media
  • Portrayal of Minority Ethnic Groups
  • Powerful people/groups in society

Hypodermic Syringe Theory (Direct Approach)

This is when the media gives you a message and you take that message and start acting like what you've seen in the media. The media has a direct powerful affect on the audience. The message goes in immediately like a syringe and then people start behaving differently.

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Marxist Approach

Media is controlled by rich powerful people and we only get their views and opinions. We are therefore socialised into keeping society how it is e.g. Posh, powerful people rich and the rest of us working hard!

Pluralist Approach

Lots of views on offer. It's the audience that controls the content of the media.


  • Cable and satellite allows us to watch programme from other countries.
  • Rolling international news
  • Digital technology - Internet; Instant contact with people
  • Companies being Global (Disney, Sky, AOL)
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Women are seen as:

  • Sex symbol,Weak and dependant,Emotional,Vulnerable,An asset to men.Caring and soft.Attractive,Family role strict - Responsible

Women Themes:

  • Appearance
  • Weight
  • Beauty
  • Sex tips
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Problems - Emotions
  • Relationships
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Men Themes:

  • Cars
  • Women
  • Body building

Men are seen as:

  • Strong
  • Brave
  • Body builders
  • Aggressive
  • Clever
  • Important
  • Independent
  • Proud
  • In charge
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  • Superiority and Domination
  • Dismemberment
  • Clowning and Exaggeration
  • Male Approval
  • The voice-over Authority
  • Irrelevant Sexualisation of women and girls

How minority ethnic groups are represented in the media:

  • Media
  • Stereotype
  • Gender
  • Representation
  • Socialisation
  • Attractive
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Youth and looks are seen as important. For women, if you're not young and pretty you are valued less. Women had no authority a long time ago.


Youth not seen as the most important thing for men. They get "distinguished" while women just get "old".


Gender stereotyping appears in all forms of media e.g. soap and advertising.

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Typical voters

Voters for the Conservative Party will typically be:

  • white
  • middle class
  • living in the south, rural areas and suburbs

Voters for the Labour Party will typically be:

  • young people and members of ethnic minorities
  • working class
  • living in the north and inner cities
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Political Beliefs & Changes

Marxists believe

In a capitalist society there will always be a divide between the poor (proleteriat) and the rich (bourgeoisie).

However there is not going to be a change in the political beliefs of Britons, so we have to accept this divide.

Now, Trade Unions have less power than they did 20 years ago.

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If a country wants to be a democracy it has to do & agree to certain things. For example in a democracy:

  • Free & fair elections are held in which everyone is entitled to vote (this one can change a little, for example, in the UK, people under 18 cannot vote)
  • The government is held to account by elected representatives
  • People hold a series of civil liberties e.g freedom of speechh and association
  • There is an existence of several different demands and beliefs, e.g pro-life & pro-choice
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Define Political Party

A Political Party:

  • is a group of people organised for the purpose of gaining political power
  • puts candidates up for election
  • has a broad issue focus that addresses all major areas of government policy
  • members are united by shared political beliefs and ideological identity
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