Roller Coasters and Relativity...

Gcse physics

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Potential Energy...

is gained when a object is lifted from the ground.

Gravitational field strength has a constant value of 10n/Kg.

Kinetic Energy

is the energy an object has because of movement.

Electrical Energy

is the amount of electrical energy in a electrical appliance

principle of the conservation of energy says that energy cannot be made or lost, only changed from from one form to another.

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When a force moves an object, work is done on the object, resulting in the transfer of energy, where

work done (j) = energy transferred (j)


is the rate of doing work or the rate of transfer energy. The greater the power, the more work is done every secons. It is measure in watts of joules per second.

Centripetal Force-

Force = Mass x acceleration

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Roller Coasters...

A roller coaster's energy is constantly changing between potential and kinetic energy.


E=mc (2) Energy = mass x speed of light x speed of light

Relativity Theory

refers to the idea that time and space are relative concepts (dependant on something else)

Special Relativity Theory- is based on the idea that

  • all movement is relative
  • light has a constant speed
  • the speed of light from a constantly moving source is always the same.
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Theories cont...

General Relativity Theory is based on the idea that-

  • gravitational force is equal to the inertial force
  • a gravitation field can bend light
  • a strong gravitational fiels can slow things down

Centripetal force- the constant inward force of an object which causes it to move in a circular path

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