Romeo and Juliet

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'Three civil Brawls'

Flashback that has been used to make them aware of their ignominy(shame)

-displaying his frustration about the fights

-audience can relate to the idea of sin and shame

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How does Shakespeare portray violence in Princes'

-metaphorical language

-negative adjectives 'rebellious'

-reprimand (formal expression of disapproval)

- he is losing patience with them

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context-Elizabethan times

-women were not allowed an opinion

- expected to marry early

-play Romeo and Juliet reflects a lot of violence and rebellion

-splendid era for literature

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Character analysis - Benvolio

  • peacemaker
  • does not like to fight
  • more mature
  • tires to keep them from fighting
  • witness
  • truthful
  • 'i do but keep the peace'
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Themes- light and darkness

shakespeare uses images of light to illustrate how love shines out against the darkness of conflict but when Romeo is banished the lovers' light seems to fade

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Themes -love

Romeo and Juliet love is romatic but the nurse refers to physical love and lady capulet suggets that marriage should be about money and status

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Themes- fate

The prologue suggests that romeo and juliet are fated to fall in love and then die and so the audience are aware of the inevitability of their deaths

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Language form and structure:dramatic irony

from the prologue the audience know that this story will end in tragedy but the character have no knowlgae of their fate

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Language form and structure: Poetry and prose

shakespeare often uses prose sentences without set rhythms for common and comic characters and then changes to poetry for those who are noble or for elevated topics such as love

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Language form and structure: Blank Verse

Much of the play is written in black verse where there are then syllables in a line and in Shakespeare time blank verse was often used to express the theme of love

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Language form and structure: Imagery

words connected to loght and religion are used throughout the play to indicate how heavenly and bright the love is between romeo and juliet. Darkness is usually link to bad omens and fate

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