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Romeo 3 Key Quotations


Romeo is passionate when he meets Juliet for the first time. At the Capulet party, he declares his love for Juliet as she is so beautiful and promises they will get married in the morning. 

"Henceforth I will never be Romeo"

Here, Romeo is telling Juliet he will not be Romeo Montague if it displeases her. This shows how passionate he is, as he is prepared to break away from his family and Christian name in order to be with Juliet. As the Montague family are wealthy and reputable, this would have caused great dishonour and therefore illustrates how serious Romeo believes his love is. 

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Romeo 3 Key Quotations


Romeo is changeable as at the start of the play he declares his love for Rosaline, describing his heart as "heavy as lead". However, his emotions and feelings soon change when he meets Juliet.

"I have forgot that name and that name's woe."

This shows that Romeo is fickle, as he is openly stating he has "forgotten" his past love, Rosaline. The fact that he isn't saying her name also indicates how his emotions have moved on, as he has almost forgotten that she is a real person, she is just a name to him now. 

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Romeo 3 Key Quotations


Romeo is headstrong when he avenges Mercutio's death by killing Tybalt. 

"Either thou or I, or both, must go with him".

This shows that Romeo is prepared to die in order to avenge his best friend's death. This is the ultimate sacrifice and illustrates how headstrong he is but also how much he values his friendships. 

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Juliet 3 Key Quotations


Juliet is passionate when she first meets Romeo. She kisses him when they first meet, and later on, in the famous balcony scene, she declares her love for him. 

"I gave thee mine before thou didst request it". 

Romeo requests that Juliet declares her love for him and Juliet simply replies that she has already done so. This shows how loving and passionate she is, as she has given her love and heart to Romeo. 

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Juliet 3 Key Quotations


Juliet is headstrong when she refuses to marry Paris. This shocks her father and causes her father to threaten to disown her if she doesn't obey him. 

"He shall not make me there a joyful bribe!"

This shows how headstrong Juliet is, as she refuses her parents and declares she will not get married to Paris. The use of the exclamation mark heightens Juliet's emotions as she is shouting her refusal. 

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Juliet 3 Key Quotations


Juliet is decisive when she fakes her own death so she can be with Romeo. She listens to Friar Lawrence's plan and decides to fulfil it. 

"Love give me strength, and strength shall help afford".

This shows how calm Juliet is when she makes the decision to fake her own death, not knowing of her future. Juliet declares that Romeo's love gives her strength and this fuels her decisions and therefore her decisive nature.

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Lord Capulet 3 Key Quotations


As the head of the Capulet household, Capulet is poweful. At his party, Tybalt tells Capulet that Romeo is there and he is dishonouring the family name. Capulet rebukes Tybalt and says Romeo is a guest and they must treat their guests kindly. This angers Tybalt but he does what he is told, reluctantly. 

"Content thee, gentle coz, let him alone .... it is my will". 

This shows that Capulet is powerful as he tells the fiery Tybalt to leave Romeo alone. Further on in his speech, Capulet gets angry when Tybalt questions him. This illustrates Capulet's power as he is in charge of a reputable household; he is the head of the family. 

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Lord Capulet 3 Key Quotations


Capulet shows his stubbornness as he is shocked by his daughter's refusal to marry Paris and therefore threatens to disown her for displeasing him. 

"I tell thee what: get thee to church a' Thursday or never after look me in the face".

This shows how stubborn Capulet is, as he is telling Juliet that if she doesn't obey him, she will no longer be a part of his family. The use of the "I" illustrates how authoritative Capulet is, as it is only his opinion that matters. 

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