Nature of God

Transcendent-beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience.

Immanent-permanently pervading and sustaining the universe. Opposite of transcendent

Omnibenevolent-unlimited or infinite Benevolence. To be benevolent is to be well meaning and kindly.

Forgiving-To not feel angry towards someone for their past mistakes

Omnipotent-All powerful

Monostetic-Only one of him

Eternal-Has been around since the beginning of time and will be around until the end of time

Judge-Punishes the bad and saves the good

Perfect-has 0 faults

Omniscient- All knowing

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Nature of God pt.2

Creator-made us all and is all powerful

Different Views

Plymouth bretherin-Holiness and purity. Live Seperately

Amish-love, savation, forgiveness, commands of the bible.

Hillsong Church-Grace of God and forgiveness

Baptist church- God directly accessible. Jesus' example to disciples to pray directly to 'Father'

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3 persons as 1

Each is different but always god

They are Father, Son and the Holy spirit

God the Father-Creator, In apostels creed God s expressed in Apostles creed as "God the Father Almighty" Christians taught to see god as father. The word father represents gods Closse/Loving, Safety and protection to his people

God the Son-Jesus is god in Human Form. he was not concieved naturally but by the holy holy spirit. Free from sin as he was not concieved by humans. Completely God but Completely Human. 3 missions: Reveal Gods love and power, Sacrifice to save humanity and to Rise from the dead to show power of over death and sin.

God the Holy Spirit-Constant guide and conforter. Everyone at the last supper was filled with the holy spirit. Jesus promised to send the spirit to help, counsel and support the discipes. Christians today believe that the spirit helps them to live as Gods wills, counsels, supports, comforts, Guides and helps them understand teachings

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Trinity pt.2

Unitarians- Many don't like using the word 'God', God is one - No trinity, Jesus was a man who was close to god, Jesus didn't think of himself as God, Jesus didnt survive in a literal sense

Christadelphians- Non-Trinitarian, God is a single being, Try to follow the beliefs of ealiest christians. Jesus is the son of God- Born of a Woman, Holy spirit is the power of God, Jesus is LITERALLY going to return.

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Genesis 1

God brings order from Chaos, Spirit 'hovers' over the waters, God speaks aloud and brings all thing into existence over 6 days, as soon as god commands something it is so" God said 'let the land produce vegetation'... and it was so", everything in creation demonstrates God's power and is Good. Nothing in creation is bad, God shows authority over creation, by Day 5 the world is ready for living creatures, The final part is the creation of Humanity. THE CREATION OF HUMANS; Distinct from the rest of creation, Let us make humanity in our image (first reference to trinity), Humanity gets a purpose (to rule over the birds of the air and the fish in the sea), Special accountability to act as stewards, Created male and female and to have children & be blessed by god.

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Genesis 2

second account of creation :

Adam(Humanity) and Eve(Beginning), In form of a story Gen 1 was poetry, starts with humans to show importance, Adam made from dust and God breaths life into him, God has human qualities - ANTNROPOMORPHIC, Unique relationship with humans, Adams one rule: Don't eat from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, if you do you will die. Any other tree is ok, first law carries  with it a great punishment, Adam has free choice- to obey or to disobey. Eve is created as a Helper from Adam's rib

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Role of 'The Word'

Agent of God in creation

Psalm 33 "By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their host"

"Breath of God" one of the names of the sprit"

Story of Job "The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the almighty hath given me life.

Giver and Creator of Life

"In the Beginning was the word" John 1. LOGOS (also meaning 'son' of God'). Word is present with God before the creation of the world.

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The Fall

The Fall: Gen 3-Adam and Eve use freewill given by GOD

Serpent tempts Eve - Persistent "surely you will not die"

Surpent suggests that god simply doesn't want them to have same knowledge as Him

She in turn tempts Adam to eat the apple.

When they eat the apple the connection to god is severed and original sin is brought into the world.

Adam and Eve Hide-they know they have done wrong

God is depicted anthropomorphically 'walking through the garden'

God questions them-Adam blames Eve, Eve the serpent.

They are banned and punished

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The results of the fall

'The Fall' is the term used by christians for the broken relationship with god. This has Affected the whole humn race and many christians are born tainted by this broken relationship

Salvation will fix the relationship with god

Until redemption is paid, no one will ever go to heaven

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Interpretations of the Creation story

All Christians Agree;  God created the Universe and he loves and cares for it, God made the human race in his image-but they lack perfection.

Literal Interpretation: The Bible is word for word true. they have a creationist  approach like Henry Morris they reject scientific explanation of the universe. they esitmate the universe is 6500 years old and this influenced st Augistine. They believe the bible is an unquestional truth

Conservative approach: They try to balance science and the bible. they beieve that the bible has truth but it is not all meant literally. Sometimes they believe that the 6 days of creation were ages of the earth. they also believe that gods time is not the same as ours. it includes scientists such as John Polkinghorne

Liberal approach: Genesis are creation myths for earlier people. They believe that they are primitive meaningful stories. they all think that attempts to mach it with science are futile.Genesis myhs give us a represetionof peoples relationship with god. they believe the bible is symbolic. Evolution was started by God. they are believers in the big bang theory

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The Problem of Evil

First Sin- Sin first entered the world when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple, this severed the perfect relationship with God meaning that humans lost ttheeir former immortality that God had given them. No Human is without sin this is the reason why their is suffering in the world. St Paul wrote that "Sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin" This means that death is caused by sin, and sin was caused by Adam eating the forbidden fruit.

Evil-Evil is the exact opposite of Good, throughout history evil has been seen as not only a state of miind but a force, the Devil. In corinthians 11:14 it is said that "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." but later on in Revelation 12:9-12 is says that "The great dragon was hurled down-that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him." This says that Lucifer/Satan was once a archangel of God but now is only an ancient serpent who leads the world astray. I believe that this ancient serpent is the same one that led Adam and Eve astray as well.

There are two types of evil Natural and Moral Evil. Natural Evil is evil that cannot be prevented an example is a flood, a flood is a good example because it is not caused by people but by nature. An example of moral evil is 9/11 this is an act of moral evil because it was done by humans and not by nature.

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Why Evil Exists

The inconsistent triad- Thee inconsistent triad is a triangle that shows the problem with evil it means that even though god is all powerful and all loving why doesn't he just stop evil from existing. If God loves us Eternally why Does he allow us to be influenced by evil. If he is all powerful why doesn't just remove it with a click of his fingers. Does God not care about us or is he physically unable to do it.

The reasons for evil-one reason for Evil is that it i caused by Human freewill a gift that God Graced Humans with freewill and if he removed Evil he would remove Freewill. An exmple of Human freewill is Adam and Eve, they were allowed to do almost everything they wanted but they abused this and caused evil. Due to evil being created by freewill it can only be removed by free will.

The Devil-Throught History the Devil Has caused Evil and suffering. The Devil is the direct opposite of God, This means that whenever godd isnt there the Devil is.

Some Believe that god created evil so humans could learn and develop spiritually, This idea was first introduced by irenaeus. another one of his ideas was that God can't interfere with human affairs or it would affect our gift of freewill

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Why Evil Exists pt.2

St Augustine believed that Evil is just a absence of good. He believes that evil is like blindness and because it is a privation(Absence of). Evil is an absence of Good and Blindness is a absence of sight.

Some people believe that God is testing our faith and if we get tempted by evil then we have failed but no one knows what happens if you fail because it affects your life after death

Some people believe Evil and suffering exists because it is all part of Gods plan that is too unfatthimable for any human to understand purely because our minds are too small

Naure also causes suffering so evil and suffering is just a natural process that cannot be removed from the world

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