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Should we use Artificial Insemination and IVF


Doner is a stranger

Using sperm from another man could be seen as aldutory.

Means they have to ********** to get sample which is immoral.

Child may never know the father.

God is in charge of life.

Child may be unhapppy when find out real father.

Not natural

Wrong people could become parents


Allows unmarried woman have children

Allows gay couples to have children

Stops genetic diseases being carred throguh family.

Allow you to ful fill gods demands "be fruitful and increase in number"

God has provided us with the skill to use this technique

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Religious Views on Genetic Engineering


Many opppose due to it taking and devalues life. 'Sancity of Life' - against the the teachings of god for scientists to take over the role of creator.

However some are in favour becasue posative aspects of helping each otherf "love thy neighbor" and to improve quality of life. 


Soul in comes in at 140 days however still bad to misuse embryos. Allah provided people with skills and this is just an extension of this.

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To clone or not to clone


Helps with embryotic research, which could help sick people.

Improves quality of life.

People have the right too choose and free will is god given.

God inspires people to create things to benefit mankind.


against nature and the way we were brough up

Many left over embroys

Encourage scientist to make more new things

Cloned person may not have a soul.

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