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Core Beliefs

Creed-   list of beliefs shared by christians

--> The apostles creed is read every week in an anglican church

Trinity- the belief that god is in 3 forms; the father, the son and the holy spirit

--> Mark 12.29

The incarnation- Jesus is God in human form, jesus is god incarnate

--> they are human and divine at the same time

The immaculate conception- the conception of jesus, the beginning of the incarnation

Atonement- becoming 1 with God

--> reconciles us with good, jesus conquered death when he resurrected, built the 'bridge' between us a god when we die

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Core Beliefs 2

Suffering- some people my think that because of people suffering, God cant be all powerful, all seeing AND all loving at the same time.

--> when christians suffer they think of jesus suffering in the desert

The virgin mary- The mother of Jesus, but was still a virgin--> the vessel of God

The assumption- the belief that mary didn't die, she went straight to heaven like     jesus.

Life after death- 

Heaven- after death for eternal life, God rules, catholics=physical, Methodists= spiritual

Hell- There isn't eternal life, the devil reigns those who did wrong on earth

Purgatory- between earth and heaven, where you work off your sins- catholic   belief

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Core beliefs 3

Limbo- a place for lost souls

Judgement- God will judge you on your actions and decide whether you go to heaven

Re-incarnation- the belief that your soul is born into another body when you die, mainly Buddhists and Hindus. 

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